Don’t let the busy holiday season stress you out this year!
Instead, plan to navigate the next 9 weeks with ease...
For many moms, November and December come
at a price that you don't need to pay.
Magazines highlight the joy and beauty of the season, but for well-meaning parents, the holiday season feels far from picturesque and peaceful

It actually feels pretty stressful and downright anxiety provoking.

School performances, office parties, extended family, sugar galore, presents to buy and wrap, kids home for holidays, 189 meals to make (at least 10 of them “special”)— all things we want to love but really just add more to our list, that is already pages long on a normal day.

It is easy to to slap on a smile and, blame the craziness on “this phase of our lives,” and then look forward to January 1 when resolutions are possible.

But… What if there were a different way?  

What if the 9 weeks between Halloween and the New Year did not cause so much stress?
Welcome to PlanSimple Holidays where moms find order, fun and ease at a time of year that traditionally feels out of control.
Happy, healthy holidays are totally doable with a plan — even with the 100 things on your to-do list!
I know it is possible, because 6 years ago, I was I was in a major rut.  

I felt slave to the traditions that were created 3 generations ago. I felt the pressure of getting my kids everything they wanted.

I felt like I should just get a bed in the kitchen because I never seemed to leave.

I had this endless list of “shoulds,” and no space for wants. 

And right in the middle of it, I was solo parenting 3 kids while my husband worked. It seems only schools and babysitters get the full December holiday.

The next year, I vowed, "never again," and I set out to make some changes.

I put some systems in place, put some rituals into play, and 6 years later, I can say that I love the holidays! The next year, I started sharing my ideas with the PlanSimple community.
What if, with a little planning, you could harness the magic of the 2017 holiday season — entering the New Year nourished and refreshed — like only seems possible in magazines?
PlanSimple Holidays is a 14-session guided plan that will give you all the tools you need to balance food, home, downtime and work this holiday season!

You get all the goods delivered to your inbox a few hours after you purchase. You can do this work in a week, a day, over a weekend, or over a few hours. Simple tools that will get you loving November and December.
Learn how to USE YOUR TIME REALLY WELL, so that holiday crazy does not find its way into your days.
Learn SIMPLE PLANNING TOOLS and get PLANNING SHEETS that will keep you healthy and focused.
OVERCOME THE MINDSET OBSTACLES that have kept you from happy holidays in the past.
At the end of 14 sessions, you will feel joy and order.  All the information you need will be organized in one place, so that you can access what you need daily — and FLOW. (And some stuff will just be done...)
There are 14 “planning sessions.”
Each planning session is a short audio, planning sheets, and a calendar prompt.
Session 1: Set the stage for success.
Session 2: Make space for the holidays.
Session 3: Buy the "right" gifts.
Session 4: Plan your meals the 2017 way.
Session 5: Eat well on the go.
Session 6: Curate nourishing traditions.
Session 7: Party like you want to feel.
Session 8: Plan for "the rest" of vacation time.
Session 9: Work like a mom.
Session 10: Cultivate Gratitude.
Session 11: Connect with those you love.
Session 12: Set boundaries.
Don’t let the winter holidays be 100 stressful items on your to-do list!
Do PlanSimple Holidays, so November and December can be fun, easy, and healthy. By the end of four weeks you will find FLOW...
Action is where the magic is. Each week you will plan, but also take actions to move your plan forward. 
Each week you will receive reminders to look at planning sheets and checklists. We cover a lot but in an easy, doable manner. You can print out the sheets or use them digitally.
You can elect to sign up for text messages, and we will send you little reminders, whispers really, to keep you focused on your goals.
You can get started today.
We close the cart for good, November 30.
This course is normally $127, but for this season it is $67.
To make this even more of a no brainer, I want to throw in a bonuses...
Ask me anything

During the month of December, ask me your questions. Let me help you when you are stuck with your plan.
Holiday Countdown

This class has some raving fans. It is a way to bring some of the planning and tools from weeks 1–4 to the whole family during the month of December. It may involve markers!
PlanSimple Detox
Value: $47

Spend 21 days cleansing your body of toxins. You will feel filled with energy, lighter, happier, and ready to bring healthy on in your household. You will likely revisit this a few times a year — I do! 

Okay, now I hear your skepticism...
“But I’m too busy” … “I can’t afford this”... “I can’t cook” … 
Actually, that’s the whole point of Plan Simple Holidays.

Too busy? The point of the course is to get you out of that story. So if you are interested in finding more time and ease – with your food, your family and your home — this is for you. 

Can’t afford it? You can’t afford not to do this. What if food can turn sick days into healthy days? What if your happiness is contagious and your kids see you in a new light? What if your holiday related bills goes down because of a plan that ensures fewer impulse purchases? They will.

Can’t cook? We don't need you to be able to cook. We will give you some simple food ideas that make the holidays easier, but you don't have to make them, you could just curate them. By the end of these four weeks, you should feel more at ease in the kitchen because you will understand your purpose there...

I know it is a leap of faith, but I have so much faith in you...
Who am I to offer this?
I went from being an overweight, overwhelmed and exhausted working mama with three kids under 5, to one who rocks her favorite jeans and is positive and present with her children, husband, friends, and work. I love my morning yoga, working with total focus, and winding down after family dinner with a calm and centered family. And when sick kids, holidays or any other challenges come, I still enjoy movement, play, focus, family and completely clean, plant-centered,  foods — every day. 

I don’t share this to brag. I share it to inspire you and assure you that you can do it too. The winter holidays are my favorite time of year, but this has not always been the case! I am so excited to help other moms transform this powerful time of year!
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You really can’t afford not to Invest in PlanSimple Holidays…. And neither can your children!
You can get started today.
We close the cart for good, November 30.
This course is normally $127, but for this season it is $67.
Our Guarantee
We are not offering a refund for this product. If you are craving a life that feels a bit less chaotic, you will love this class! It is simple, doable, and created to give you joy. I am offering it a a special price so moms feel great getting this for themselves. Please sign up only if you want this transformation.